Lawn Games Cleanup

Lawn Games: Making a small mess, but cleaning up when we're done

Lawn Games has always practiced a very straightforward rule regarding Trash on the Playa: "Whatever crap you haul in, you haul back out." This applies to personal trash, costumes, games, artwork, ashes, and so on.

In fact this philosophy starts when packing for the event. Best practices are disseminated to camp members, minimizing MOOP before it gets to the playa.

This year's philosophy is unchanged. In a practical sense this means that each member of Lawn Games will be responsible for keeping track of the garbage they generate and stowing it as it's generated (don't want it blowing off and becoming a bigger problem). We also designate a "Clean-Up Czar" to monitor and enforce clean-up goals.

In addition to personal responsibility Lawn Games will make successive sweeps through our assigned area as it is broken down/stowed. Random Matter Out Of Place (MOOP) will be cleaned up and properly disposed of. Lawn Games will also make free-ranging sweeps of the open playa and remove whatever MOOP may be found.