"No, Really. We're laughing at you.
Not with you."

One of the things I do in my occasional free time is kick boxing. My coach is Cung Le, an internationally recognized Sanshou champion in two weight classes. This means he's somewhat of a bad-ass in the ring. Definitely not someone you'd want to brawl with.

So there's this local radio station (you know the type - obnoxious DJs and their cabal of sycophants playing "pranks" throughout the early morning hours) that decided that a cool on-air stunt would to have one of their morons fight Cung Le.

Their selected moron is, I suspect, one of those people that never learned the difference between being laughed at and being laughed with. I've been told that in the past, at this station's urging, he has stapled his scrotum to a 2x4 board, swallowed live mice, and rode his bike at full speed into a wall.

I'm not proud to say that I attended this little event. I now understand how Freak Shows were attractive to people fifty years ago. They had a wide array of things scheduled for the entire day - mattress fights (I have no idea), people jumping over cars, etc. The fight was to be the climax of the day.

Cung Le, being an experienced fighter, did not have to try very hard. The moron charged him, Cung Le jabbed him back. For show Cung Le occasionally picked up the moron and threw him to the mats. All was well. The moron should have taken notice of how things were going and quit.

A particular type of throw that Cung Le is well known for is a "scissor kick." In essence he gets a foot on either side of you and then twists. Really hard. And you fall over. Typically this maneuver works out well since a large part of fight training is learning when and how to fall over. Unfortunately the moron apparently had no idea that he was supposed to fall over when this happened and braced all his weight on his forward leg. That's why his ankle shattered.

To a certain degree I feel sorry for the guy. He's in a world of pain, he'll be in recovery for at least six months, and he did it for sole purpose of having people pay attention to him. On the other hand, what he did was just plain stupid. If a DJ dares you to stand in front of a Mack truck driving at 30 miles an hour "just to see if you can take it," you don't do it.