Vroom, Vroom!

For my birthday I've been given the opportunity to go to a race track and learn to drive aggressively. I'm looking forward to this - track driving that will teach skid management, etc.

I guess I've been thinking more about this upcoming event than I've realized. The other night I had this odd dream:

It's in the woods in Tennessee and I'm driving down a wet, black-top road in my '98 Saturn. I'm listening to Run Lola Run really loud.

When I turn off the road and into a garage I aim badly and my two left wheels slip into the mechanic's pit in the floor. I'm not worried and climb out the window while the mechanics make comments like "Sweet ride..."

Shortly thereafter I'm racing on a private track against Porches - and I'm winning.

The really weird part is that I don't even like auto racing. Really.