Is there anything that can't be
made better by escaping from it?

I remember clearly when I was a kid - maybe seven years old - the most important of conversations that I had was regarding whether simply talking about Adam West's Batman was "making fun of Batman" or being respectful.

I recall a friend and me desperately wanting to talk about how cool (yet scary) the two-part story was wherin Robin nearly got consumed by a giant clam. We fretted terribly that simply talking about Batman might be construed a making fun of the story, character, and television show.

Now I worry about my product getting shit-canned, if I (or my coworkers) are to be tossed into the same can, and how people can possibly hate my country (and culture) so badly that they're willing to kill themselves in an effort to destroy it.

Tonight I've drunk half a bottle of Don Fernando tequila. It's nearly two o'clock AM on a work night. I don't really care, and I can feel the insulative comfort of brain-altering chemicals.

It's funny how I long for the things that seemed so important when I was young, and self-control problems that seemed so silly when I was a teenager suddenly seem so much more real.

I find myself feeling a great deal of sympathy for the past generations of my family.