Spam Sucks.
No, Really.

SPAM: To send copies of the same message to large numbers of newsgroups or users on the Internet. People spam the Internet to advertise products as well as to broadcast some political or social commentary.

-- TechWeb

Local Spam Information
UBE Filter
This is a Spam filter for the Netscape Messaging Server that will catch most obvious Spam. It uses Regular Expressions against the email headers to find obvious Spam, and then a rather brute force check for domains, mail servers, and subject lines that I won't allow to be delivered.
Reading Spam
An example demonstrating how to read Spam and figuring out who to complain to.

I realize that this is not a new or unique stance to take. I might as well pronounce from on high that heavy traffic is frustrating, or that Geraldo Rivera isn't a real journalist. Never-the-less I have lost many, many hours of sleep over the last several months dealing with spam and the actions of people that send it. As such I feel a responsability to add my voice to the chorus proclaiming spam to be evil, and those that send it to be bottom feeding scumwads.

The Spam policy for this server and the domains served by it (,,, is that NO Unsolicited Bulk/Commerical Email (UBE and UCE respectively) will be sent from or through this server, nor will UBE or UCE be used to promote any site hosted here.

If you have received an email that appears to be from this address and you believe that it is UBE/UCE, please forward it to me (be sure to include the full email headers).

I'll close with a personal note to spammers:

You are worthless. You are vermin. You are parasites that prey on the naive and inexperienced. You are leeches that suck the life out of everything of value. You are the pusillanimous latecomers that have debased our playground into a dystopian sewer. I wish you nothing but wretchedness, utter failure, and undying regret.