Lawn Games

Lawn Games: Helping You Recreate All Those Halcyon Memories of Youth!

And Helping You Invent Those Memories If You Have None!

Here is the 2005 Lawn Games:
Proposed Theme Camp Layout and Clean-Up Plan

Remember those warm, sunny afternoons running screaming through the yard wearing nothing but your cut-off shorts? Remember dodging the Lawn Dart that your little sister just flung at you? Remember thinking fondly to yourself "These are the best days of my life!" as your older brother ground your head into the turf? Well good for you! Now's your chance to make those memories come alive again!

Yes! Lawn Games is here to provide YOU with the games of your youth so that you can re-live the humiliations that you thought were gone forever! You can now spend afternoons in the searing Black Rock Desert sun and heat chasing the four-square ball (Sound familiar?)! You can spend your mornings arguing about the rules of croquet (No, the red ball does not get to go twice for each turn you take.).

At Lawn Games we're proud to be able to help you humiliate yourself in front of others. Bring your friends and your enemies to Lawn Games so that you can prove to them you're still the same kid you were when you were five. Challenge them to grudge matches and tournaments.

Can't remember the rules to your favorite game? That's OK. We'll happily to make some up for you. Don't think Lawn Games will have the game you want? That's OK too. Bring it along and add it to our repertoire. We'll gladly make up rules to go with that game too.